To answer the question right away: We get the CPC price from Google themself through our data partners.

Some of our users have pointed out that they run Google Ads and are not paying the exact amount that Morningscore shows the CPC is. Basically, that is correct. And there is nothing strange about that as Google Ads is auction based, so you'll never have the exact same price as the price is influenced by many things.

For good reasons, we can't control every single CPC price as we would have to bid in on every single keyword out there ourself. Imagine that spend, right?

Our research shows that Google often overestimate the prices and you will end up paying less than they will tell you.

None the less: in most cases you will experience (if you run Google Ads and use Morningscore as data source) lower CPC prices when you actually run Ads. We use to say that it's fair that our CPC prices shows a little higher than what you actually end up paying as SEO often has a higher conversion rate than Ads (at the end of the day we are a SEO tool).
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