Morningscore v3.0
Starting with the release of Morningscore v3.0, adding a competitor website to our tracker will only count as 0,5 of your available website scan credits.

In other words, if you set up 3 main websites with 1 competitor website each in the newest version of our tool, you'll use up 4,5 credits in total.

You can see how many website scans you have left in the search field under Scan site in the top menu bar.

Morningscore v2.9
In Morningscore v2.9, adding a competitor website counts as 1 credit towards the total number of website credits available in your account.

In this version of the tool, you can easily see how many credits you have left under settings:

Log in to your Morningscore account
Click on the spaceman image in the top-right corner
Click on Settings
Click on the Subscription tab

Overview of your Subscription Tab