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What does the Morningscore stand for?

Aside from being the name of our SEO tool (and the company that developed it), the Morningscore is also our tool's main metric which reflects the monetary value of your SEO.

Whatever your Morningscore is, it always reflects the amount of money you would have had to pay for Google Ads to get the same amount of website traffic.

By keeping an eye on your Morningscore, you can easily evaluate the exact value you get from SEO, which helps you make well-informed decisions on how to prioritize SEO in your marketing budget.

How we calculate your Morningscore

Simply put, we calculate your Morningscore based on how your keywords are performing on Google.

The exact calculation looks like this: (SEARCHES/MO x RANK) x CPC = SCORE/MO

Let's break that down.


This is the part of the calculation that's inside the brackets above.

SEARCHES/MO is a number that reflects how many people search for your specific keyword each month (on average). We get this number through our data partners.

RANK reflects how you are currently ranking for your keyword on Google. If, for instance, you rank in position #2, we know that about 10 % of everyone who searches for that keyword will click through to your website.

VISITS/MO is the number of visits you get from your keyword via Google on a monthly basis. We find this number by multiplying the monthly searches with the typical CTR (Click-Through Rate) for your keyword rank.


CPC is short for Cost Per Click. This number reflects how much money you would have to spend on each click if you were to attract them via paid Google Ads.

SCORE/MO is the monetary value of the website visits you get from your keyword every month.

By adding up all the keywords you are ranking for, we can determine your total Morningscore which - as we mentioned above - is the main metric of our tool.

Check out the video below for a quick explanation of what the Morningscore stands for.

Updated on: 16/07/2021