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🎓️ Intro guide: Get started with Morningscore

In this article I will guide you through the different sections and functions in the Morningscore tool. We will provide you with different sections covering brief explanations of all the different features you can use in the Morningscore tool.

Below you can see a table of contents, if you have a specific query you can use this to access the part of the guide that is relevant to you, by clicking on the section you want to read:

Table of contents

Explaining the header
Managing your websites

The order in the table of contents is based on the order the different sections appear on the header in our tool. Speaking of which, we are going to start from the top (literally) and look at the header of our tool:

Explaining the header

Here you see the header of the tool. It can provide you with both a lot of information and utility. If you look at the lower part of the header (Inside the blue outline), you will always be able to see your current Morningscore as well as your current level. You are also able to click on the blue box at the right side to change which period of time Morningscore shows you information for.

At the top part of the header you can see all of the main parts of Morningscore, which you can use to navigate the tool or access other important features of the tool. I will now explain each of them one by one in the order they appear on the header, so feel free to skip to a certain part of this article if you want to find information on a particular subject. You can do this through the table of contents at the start of the article.

Managing your websites

If you click on your website in the top left corner you will see an overview of all the websites you have entered. From here you can manage all of the websites you have registered to our system, as well as switch between the different website profiles, add new websites or remove old ones.
You are also able to see how many websites you can register and the number of keywords and competitors each site has.


On the overview tab you can (as the name implies) get an overview of how your site is performing. This page contains a lot of data, so it can seem confusing and intimidating at a first glance, but once you get an understanding of the page it becomes quite simple to read and can give you a lot of valuable data.

This point shows you the value of your Morningscore and how it has changed. Your Morningscore is a representation of how much you would have to spend on paid ads to get the same value as you have earned via organic SEO. You can read this article if you want to know how your Morningscore is calculated
Here you can see how your site and the competitors you have registered for it ranks in terms of their Morningscore, as well as how your competitors' Morningscore has changed.
This is an graph that shows you how your Morningscore has changed over your chosen period. You can also add competitors to the graph if you wish to see a comparison.

If you go further down on the Overview page, you can see overviews of the other parts of the tool. I will cover those parts later in the article, so I will not go into detail about them now be explained now.


On the Keywords page you can see everything related to the keywords your pages are ranking on. There are 4 sections to the Keywords page, as seen below:

Each of these sections has an unique function I will explain below:

All keywords

In this section you can see an overview of all the keywords your website ranks for and how they have changed. There are also a section on changes in keywords, where you can see lists of all your increased and decreased keywords among other things.

Rank tracker

In this section you can view the keywords you have chosen to track. These keywords will be updated daily, and you can see more information about them than normal keywords. You can among other things choose to see keyword history for a given keyword, which will show you a graph of the keywords rankings over a period of time.

Keyword research

In this section you can get suggestions for keywords relating to another keyword you already focus on. This feature is very helpful if you want to see examples of longtail versions of certain keywords.

Competitor comparison

On this page you can compare your own performance on certain keywords with your competitors' performances. You can choose to compare yourself to just one competitor or multiple.

If you have questions about keywords in Morningscore, you can read our helpful articles for answers to commonly asked questions.


On the Links page, you can see everything relating to you links and the pages you are getting them from. This page has the following 3 sections:


In this section you can see your Linkscore which is a metric we use to describe the total value all your links give you. Linkscore is based both on the amount of links, but also on the quality of the links. On this section you can also compare your own Linkscore with your comepetitors', and see how your Linkscore has changed over time

In this section you can see which new links you have gained recently and which links you have lost recently. You can also use this page to register new links your page has gotten with the Scan for new links button

In this section you can see which sites have linked to you and the value these sites provide to your Linkscore. If you click on a site, you will also be able to see which specific pages they have linked to and from.

If you have questions about keywords in Morningscore, you can read our helpdesk articles for answers to commonly asked questions.


On this page you can see the Health-score of your website. You can both choose to view the health on your entire website, or focus on individual landing pages. You can also see which issues can be fixed to make your website more SEO-friendly, as well as which issues has been fixed recently.

If you have questions about your website's Health in Morningscore, you can read our helpdesk articles on the subject for answers to commonly asked questions.


In this section you can see both you current, completed and suggested Missions. Missions are tasks that Morningscore assigns you, which we believe will help improve your SEO.

We will give you missions automatically through our Suggested missions, but you will also be able to make your own tailor-made missions if you have a specific goal in mind.
Once you complete a mission, you will get XP which will increase your level and show you how much improvement you have made

If you have any questions about the Missions in Morningscore, you can read our helpful articles on the subject for answers to commonly asked questions.


On the Scan page you are able to scan other pages and view their Linkscore and Morningscore, as well as all their keywords and links. This can be useful for gathering inspiration on which keywords to target or which website to pursue links from. If you know of a page that is similar to yours, but you do not want to register as a competitor, this is a good way to get information on it.


On the Report page, you can get detailed reports on your SEO performance. It is possible to choose from up to 4 different templates for your report.

If you have any questions regarding our Report feature, you can read through our helpful articles, which has answers to most commonly asked questions regarding our Reports.


By pressing this button, you can access our wonderful community The Base, here you can get tips and tricks for SEO from the Morningscore team, and talk with many other users of Morningscore, who are always happy to help out with questions.

If you have any general questions, that were not answered here, you can view our General FAQ, that has answers to most questions we get asked, that doesn't fit under any of the other categories.
If you are not able to find an answer to your question there, then you are more than welcome to reach out to us through the chat.

Updated on: 01/02/2024