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How do I add more websites/projects to my Morningscore account?

To add an extra website click on the arrow next to the website in the upper left corner of the Overview tab.

Here you can then add or remove a website from your account. You can also see the status of your website credits here.

This is how you add or remove a website

First click on your website in the top left corner.

Then click on the "Manage website" button

Type the URL of the website (example:, choose your Google market and click the button "Add website".

If you want to remove a website, you can do this easily by clicking the three dots under actions.

Note: You will always have minimum 1 website on your account. You can't remove the last remaining website from your account.

If you still want to remove it, you have to set up an extra website, and then you can remove the first one.

Updated on: 30/01/2024