Yes, you can!

How much of either your own or a competitor's historical data you can see in Morningscore depends on how long you have had your site (or a competitor site) added on your account. In some cases, you can see older historical data for some websites than others.

Why is that?

Simply because some other Morningscore users have had added the site in that period.

In other words: We are only tracking websites as long they are added in the system by one or more Morningscore accounts. So, if you add a competitor's website and remove it after 7 days you will have the data for those 7 days. If you decide to add them again after further 7 days you will have a gap in the data for the 7 days they were not added (unless other Morningscore accounts had the website added in the same period that you didn't).

If you want to see your historical rank data here is how you do that.
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