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What is the Linkscore?

The Linkscore shows how strong your website is on links from other websites.

We often refer to it as your websites engine. The more strong links from other websites you have, the more "horsepower".

This horsepower is visualised by your Linkscore.

Higher Linkscore = better ranking for your keywords.


We have put linkscores into ranks.

The smallest rank is "Lemon stand".

This is not a good Linkscore. You would need at least 200 to have some chance of ranking on Google (on average).

The different rank names are compared to real business sizes.

So if you run a global brand but score "Lemon stand" in our tool, you would be greatly underperforming.

Here are some typical questions answered:

Is my Linkscore good or bad?

How can a high Linkscore help my website?

How often are my links updated?

How is the Linkscore calculated?

Updated on: 08/03/2023