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How is my Linkscore calculated?

It get's a little nerdy now. We want to offer full transparency on our metrics. Which is why we show you exactly how your Linkscore is calculated in the backlink checker tool.

These are the variables that we use to calculate your Linkscore:

1) Number of websites that link to you

We're calculating the Linkscore based on a maximum number of 100.000 websites.

2) The average DA* of those websites

Specifically we use the average DA of the top 80 % of those websites, while always rounding up individual DA values to the nearest 10.**

3) The DA of your own website as a percentage.

In case your own DA is below 10, we'll round up to 10 which equals 10%

The formula looks like this:
Number of websites that link to you x The average DA of those websites x The DA of your own website = Linkscore

Example with numbers:
500 links x 24.5 average DA of websites linking x your websites 17% DA = 2083 Linkscore (always rounded to nearest whole number)

*DA is short for Domain Authority, i.e. the expected authority assigned to a website by Google
**Example: A DA of 12 becomes 20 in our calculation. 1 becomes 10. 48 becomes 50.

Read more about Linkscore here

Updated on: 15/08/2023