The best way to figure out if your Linkscore is good or bad, is to measure it against some of your competitors or other businesses similar to your size and industry to see if you "punch above or below your weight class"

It can be generalized though. We can say something about a typical scenario. And that is what this ranking table visualises:

Linkscore table

In this table you can see that the best websites in the world are ranking at 250.000 and above. A few rare VIP websites rank in the millions.

Most normal businesses rank between 500 and 5.000. If you rank below 2.000 there is a big impact on improving your Linkscore.

So let's say currently your Linkscore is 300. If you increase it to 2.000 you will (if your website is optimized as we help you with in the Health tool) with a big likelyhood, see an increase in your Morningscore and rankings of your keywords.

Of course to have this effect, you need to get good and natural links. That is what we cover in this linkbuilding guide.

The higher your Linkscore, the less impact it will have to get 1 more link. So if you have a Linkscore of 50.000, building 1 link to your frontpage won't do much positive change.
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