In this guide you will learn how to:

1. Add more users
2. Set up the access level / permissions of users
3. Manage existing users

1. Add more users
First log into your Morningscore account (link here)
Then click on settings as shown in this picture:

Now a settings window should pop up. Choose "Users" in the tabs:

Now put in the email of the user you want to invite to your Morningscore account. If you want to give them the same access as you, choose "Owner" as shown here. This means they can access everything, including billing.

Click the blue invite button. That's it, now an email is sent to the user, inviting them to your account. They will now need to choose a password for their user, and the email you invited is their username.

In the next section we will look at how you can customize the access users have :)

2. Set up the access level / permissions of users

Follow steps from above to add a user.

As you can see, a dropdown appears when you add a user. This dropdown let's you control the access level for new users.

Owner means access to EVERYTHING including billing and editing users.
Editor means access to all aspects of the tool, including removing and adding websites and so on. It does not grant access to billing and editing users.
Guest means "read-only" access. They cannot change/remove/add anything. So they can only see things but not touch them, so to speak.

But there is a lot more customization involved in the next step shown here:

If you choose "editor" or "guest" as role, you can customize which websites they have access to.

Here are some examples of how you can use this feature for many different use cases.

Use case #1 - give a user read-only access to only 1 specific website in your account.

Use case #2 - Invite an editor user and allow them to create new websites. But no access to any current websites on the account

As you can see above in the yellow highlighted text, this allows that editor to set up as many new websites and keywords as your paid plan allows for.

Use case #3 - Invite editors like in #2 but limit their ability to set up max 3 websites and 50 keywords.

The blue text can be a bit confusing, but here it means that the user cannot access any of the existing keywords and websites of the plan, but will get the amount typed in the boxes to use for himself.

Use case #4 - Allow editor to access all websites but do not allow them to add any keywords or websites.

Here you set limits to 0 so that the user has already reached their limit. This does not prevent them from removing keywords or websites though, so keep that in mind.
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