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What happens after I connect with Google Search Console?

Google Search Console integration is currently in beta. Expect changes to this guide.

Google Search Console (shortened to GSC) is a powerful free SEO tool from Google. Together with Morningscore, it's a perfect cocktail.

Are you still missing Search Console for your website? Here is a guide on how to get Search Console for your website

What happens after you connect Google Search Console to Morningscore?

Search Console has a lot of interesting data. In the near future we want to bring much of it to Morningscore.

For now we focus on the crown jewel 💎 The keywords

As you connect with a Search Console Google account we automatically look for websites that are also added to Morningscore. This happens automatically every day. So if you connect new websites to either Search Console or Morningscore later, they will get synced automatically.

After we have made a connection we will start retrieving the top 2000 keywords (sorted by Impressions) from Search Console per website and per country.

So if you have a website set up in e.g. UK and France inside Morningscore, we will grab the top 2000 keywords from each country seperately.

This process will take up to 24 hours the first time. And then sync every day automatically in the background.

Where will these keywords appear?

Inside your Morningscore All keywords within 24 hours after connecting. You can find and see it here:

If your selected website is connected to Search Console, you will see this badge at the top of the popup window:

If it's not connected, it will look greyed out like this:

Now the imported keywords will appear among all other keywords in this list:

You will most likely see an increase in keywords as Search Console is the best source for keywords that your website ranks for.

Can I see which specific keywords got imported from Search Console?

Currently, you are not able to see exactly which keywords that got imported from Search Console.

But a day after connecting, you could go to the "Changes" tab and view the top new keywords as shown below. Many of them will most likely have come from Search Console:

Will my Morningscore value change?

Yes. There is a big chance that your Morningscore will change.

We use impressions from Search Console to improve the searches/month data of your keywords where relevant. This will typically happen to your top ranking keywords, because we can give you more accurate data here.

This will lead to a correction of your Morningscore value. This is a good thing, as the data will get even more precise.

Your Morningscore could also get lower after a Search Console connection, because we might correct too high searches/month and click prices (CPC) as well.

What about my historical data?

Once we have calculated your new Morningscore value we will also calculate it backwards in all time, so that you can easier compare your data historically.

This should also happen automatically within the first 24 hours of connecting with Search Console.

Every time keywords get a new click price or searches/month this calculation will run automatically again. This way you always have the most accurate data to compare with historically.

Will competitor data change?

If you added competitor websites to your account, they might also be impacted by your Search Console integration.

Why? Because of potentially overlapping keywords.

We will scan your newly found keywords for top-100 positions on Google. And your competitors might be found to rank for those new keywords.

Keywords that get new searches/month or click price (CPC) will also be updated for your competitors, if they rank for them.

Do I only get new data in the Morningscore section?

No, all tools will take advantage of this new and improved data. Everywhere you see keywords in our tool, the Search Console data will be part of it. For example if you add new keywords in the rank tracker tool, the suggested keywords will include data from Search Console:

List of data we import from Google Search Console

Updated on: 02/05/2023