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How to connect Morningscore with Google Search Console

This guide assumes that you already have a Google Search Console account for your website.

If not, check out this guide on how to set up Google Search Console.

Step by step instructions to connect Google Search Console with Morningscore:

Make sure you are logged in as an "owner" of your Morningscore account. Only "owner" users can do these steps:

Note: If you are on a "subaccount" then it will work without being owner.

Go to this tab in the same settings page:

Press this button to connect your Google account.

Now you will see a window similar to this:

Choose the Google account from the list where you have set up Search Console for your website(s) - you can connect several accounts but only one at a time.

You might have to login to another account, if the one where you set up Search Console is not listed (quite common).

Now you have to accept that Morningscore can get view access to your data in Search Console. You can always remove accesss again from within either Morningscore or Google.

It will load for a few seconds and then return you to Morningscore.

If the connection is succesful, you will see this green notice at the bottom:

You should also see info about the connection here.

In this case it says "0 websites connected". That would mean nothing changed because the website(s) in your Search Console was not found in your Morningscore account.

So to fix this you need to connect the Google account that has the website you also have set up in Morningscore. You can connect several, if you are in doubt like in this example:

As you can see, now it says 1 website connected on the 2nd account added. All good now!

Wuhuuu you did it, captain!! 👩‍🚀✅

Connection failed? Read this guide for a fix
What happens after you connect succesfully? See this guide.
List of data imported from Search Console

Updated on: 02/05/2023