The Linkscore let's you know if your website has a strong or weak link profile.

By link profile we mean other websites linking to your website and how good those links are.

Why is this super important?
Because Google decides whether to rank you high or low on your keywords based partly on how strong your Linkscore is.

So if you have the worlds most optimized website with the best content, but no good Linkscore, then you will still have a hard time ranking for your keywords.

Is my Linkscore good or bad?
Click here to see a visual comparison table to see if your Linkscore is good or not.

How is the Linkscore calculated?
This is for the nerds. Because we want to be transparent about all our data, this is the exact formular we use:
Total linking domains x Average DA x your websites overall DA as a percentage = Linkscore

An example 98 total linking domains* x 43.08** x 19%*** = 802 Linkscore

´*Up to 100.000
´**of the 80% best (DA) domains. Individual values will always rounded up to nearest 10. So 23 = 30 DA
´***0 DA will be rounded to 1
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