There are 4 reasons this might happen. Reasons #1 & #2 are the case for 99.9% of occurrences of this problem. This can happen:

When you're opening / loading the Health Tool for your site for the very first time on this computer

When your website is really big and/or your computer is on the slow end -- the platform takes a while to load all the information

You have just registered and haven't waited long enough for the Health Tool to crawl your website

Another (once again, very very unpopular) cause could be that you've de-indexed your whole website and we're unable to crawl any pages

All in all, here's what we suggest that you try if you experience this issue:

- Give it a couple of minutes to fully load
- Force the website to reload all graphic assets (aka Hard Refresh) by pressing CTRL + F5 (Win) or CMD + Shift + R (Mac)
- Close down some tabs or applications if your PC is not powerful
- Try a different browser

If none of the above work, try opening the Health Tool for a different website. If the Health Tool shows data for the new website but not for the old one, make sure your site can be indexed by Google.

If those problems still persist and you're sure your site is indexable by Google and there could be something else going on behind the scenes, you're welcome to contact us through the chat in the bottom-right corner.
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