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How to refresh your health data

There are two ways to refresh the health data you see in Morningscore. You can refresh either your entire website or specific landing pages. First we will show you how to refresh your entire website, and then how to refresh individual pages.

How to refresh the data for entire websites

If you've fixed several issues accross your website, you can forces a full update of the entire website at once.

Go to the Health section

Click Scan on the far-right

You can always check the Health section to see the exact date of the last full website scan.

Tip: Since a full website scan usually takes much longer than scanning an individual landing page, it's best to only use this option when it's really relevant.

How to refresh the data for specific landing pages

If you've worked on the SEO of one or more specific landing pages, you can manually refresh the data for that individual page.

Go to the Health section

Click on Landing pages

Click the three dots at the far-right of your chosen website

Click on Refresh landing page

Tip: If you run out of full website scan credits, you can always use the workaround of manually refreshing the data of every individual landing page instead.

Updated on: 30/01/2024