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Why isn’t my website's health better after I fixed a health problem?

If you've made updates to your website to address a health issue, but a subsequent scan in Morningscore doesn't reflect the changes, the culprit is most likely caching.

What is caching?

To enhance webpage loading speed, most websites utilize caching. This involves storing a copy of a page after its initial load, preventing the need for it to reload every time someone opens it, ultimately reducing loading times.
When you update a page, the cached version doesn't automatically get deleted. As a result, Morningscore may still scan the old version of the page.

How do you fix the problem?

While the cache will eventually update on its own, the duration can vary significantly. To speed up the process, you can manually clear the cache with the tool you used to update your webpage.
Once the cache is cleared, Morningscore will be able to view the new version of the page during your next scan.

Updated on: 30/01/2024