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What do 100+ and - ranks in Morningscore mean?

Morningscore has 2 scenarios for when a keyword is not ranking within the top 100 search results on Google:

Rank 100+

100+ covers these cases:

You previously had a rank within top-100 on Google, but no longer do
You rank for the keyword, but below the top-100 results on Google

No rank -

no rank displayed like - covers these cases:

No ranking for this keyword found
This keyword was not scanned yet. An example is that you start ranking for a keyword today, but choose to view data history of 1 year back. So when you look at the previous rank of this keyword we will display - as we have no data on it in the past.

How these 2 scenarious count into average ranks

No rank - gets excluded from any average ranks we count on for example folders:

100+ gets counted as rank 100 in averages.

Usually this is the ideal scenario that is most "fair". But there are also cases where it might lead to negative rank changes that are not impacting your real Google traffic performance. An example is you add a keyword that used to not have a rank, shown as -. Then one day it gets rank 100+ and that keyword goes from no impact on your average rank to having an impact of 100.

This scenario is not that common though, and usually happens when you view changes over a very long period of time. Like 1 year time period.

Updated on: 23/10/2023