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Is my Morningscore good or bad? See comparison table

The answer to whether your morningscore is good or bad can be given. There are 3 things you should compare it to:

Your business size, age and industry
The hours spent on improving your SEO
Your competitors

Let's go over the 3 things in detail:

Business size:
In general, a small business will have a lower Morningscore than a big business, because their overall visibility is
smaller. Less activity means less people linking to you on the internet. Also smaller businesses are usually
younger than big businesses, who had many years to build a strong brand that also translates to more visibility
online in most cases.

To help you with 1) we made this anonymous comparison table so you can find a business that is similar to yours and check their Morningscore.

Hours spent improving SEO:
Let’s say you run a Webshop with 10 employees and you get a lot of revenue from Google searches. Then you
might work a lot on improving your online visibility by having 2 people work full-time with online marketing.
You could actually “outscore” a 1,000 employee manufacturing company since they might have 0 people
working on their online visibility because they choose other channels to get new clients from (often an unwise

Your competitors:
Comparing to your competitors is the best way to see if you are behind or ahead. Check their number of
employees and company age to see if they are comparable to you (higher is better), if yes then your
Morningscore should be similar. If not there is a difference in effort put into SEO.

Updated on: 15/08/2023