Are you looking for keywords (and revenue) to steal from you competitors? I hope you are. If not, now is the time to start. This is how you take advantage of your competitors work and research.

Check competitors keywords
First thing first. Find relevant competitors to add as “competitor” in Morningscore to see their keyword rankings. If you don’t know how to add a competitor yet, you can follow our guide right here.

When you have added you competitors it’s time to take a look at their keywords. Click on a competitor from the list and you will get a complete overview of all the keywords they are ranking on.

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Add relevant keywords from the competitors keywords
Use the filters or search bar to bounce around and find relevant keywords for your business that your competitor already ranks for. When you find relevant keywords for your business you can simply add the keywords direct to your keyword rank tracker by hovering over the keyword and a a “plus” icon will appear for you to click on to add.

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Check you rankings vs competitors with “competitor comparison”

Let’s move on to the competitor comparison. The competitor comparison allows you to check how your website ranks vs how your competitors websites ranks.

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Use the filters to find keywords your competitors ranks for by clicking on the competitors website. Here it will filter by the competitors top positions and compare it with your rank on the same keyword.

Setup a “mission” for the keywords you find interesting and reach your goal. I recommend to do keyword research from these “new” keywords before you start optimizing.
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