Morningscore is the value of your SEO. We calculate it by looking at how your keywords are performing on Google.

Search Volume X Rank = Organic Traffic X CPC = Morningscore

The Morningscore Calculation

If this seems confusing, let's take the calculation in steps:

Search Volume X Rank = Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic X CPC = Morningscore

Therefore, your Morningscore is basically the amount of money that you would be using on your traffic through Google Ads.

How does the calculation work?

- Search Volume - We find this data through our data partners. This is an average of how many people search for that specific keyword each month.

- Rank - Based on your position, you get an average Click Through Rate on your site. If you rank #2, that number is about 10% meaning that 10% of all people searching for that keyword will enter your site.

- Traffic - By multiplying the Search Volume and your Rank, we can see an estimate of how many people come on your site every month from each specific keyword

- Now we take the Cost Per Click value for each keyword -- which is the amount of money you'd have had to spend ON EACH CLICK if you were to pay for the same amount of traffic in Google Ads

- Next, we multiply your Traffic by the CPC value -- which gives us the TOTAL amount of money you'd have to spend for all of the clicks you get from this keyword every month.

- Finally, we do the calculation for all of your keywords which gives us your total Morningscore.

To get an even better understanding, see our 1-minute video explainer here:
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