This is our CURRENT stance on the topic of paid links to your website.

This article will be updated with more information once we have conducted more research into this hot topic.

It is true that Google does not want websites to pay for links. So this makes the topic taboo in some cases.

It is also an undeniable truth that paid link building works. And more importantly, it is a big healthy industry.

We believe that you should differentiate between bad and good paid links.

Good paid links
Trusted media (like newspapers) writes a sponsored article with real value
Sponsor links. Example: You pay to sponsor a football club and get a link on their website.
Good real blogs where you pay to write a nice guest post.
Memberships of clubs/networks/organizations that also link to you
Donations that also provide links to donor companies.
Media appearances that charge you for "producing the content and distribution rights".

Further examples of good paid links are plentiful.

Bad paid links
Spammy blog links that provide no real value to the internet (many PBN's fall into this category)
Links within paid articles that are not tagged "sponsored" even though they are.
Links and content that is deceiving.
Really any kind of paid link that provides zero value to the internet is a bad paid link.
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