We have scanned through thousands of websites, and we can safely say there is a strong correlation between how many strong links you have and how much traffic you get from Google.

In our metrics, this is the correlation between Linkscore (your links) and Morningscore (your Google traffic).

So what is the exact correlation?

On average this is what we find:

1 Linkscore = $0,63 Morningscore

This correlation changes a lot based on how big the Linkscore is.
What do we mean by that? Here is a table that explains it:

Table showing Linkscore effect on Morningscore

What you see above, is how much you can expect your Morningscore to increase based on Linkscore increase divided by brackets.
So if your Linkscore is 400 and you increase it with 10% to 440 - then you can expect your Morningscore to increase with 10% over time.
As you can see, the biggest effect is on lower Linkscores.

This table also explains how we calculate the "ROI" value in Missions.

Can you trust this?

Not 100%. This is a rule of thumb based on an average of how thousands of websites have turned out. This is not accurate, since it fluctuates a lot from website to website. And also keep in mind, that it can take up to 18 months for a higher Linkscore to manifest in a higher Morningscore. Google does not reward you overnight. That is the nature of SEO and linkbuilding.
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