To take a keyword out you need to move it ot the "General" folder.

Scenario 1:

If you already have keywords in the "General" folder, you can simply move any other keyword to it like this:

Right Click on any Tracked Keyword
Select Add To Folder
Select General

Scenario 1: Taking Keywords Out Of Folders

Scenario 2:

If you don't have keywords in the General folder, you won't see that folder so you need to add 1 more keyword that will by default go to the "General" folder.

Click Add Keyword to add a new keyword to the rank tracker
Write your New Keywords in the prompt
Click the blue Add Keywords button below the prompt
Your New Keywords will now automatically be added to the General Folder
Now you can move all of your other keywords as shown in Scenario 1 above

Scenario 2 Moving Keywords:

Scenario 3:

Otherwise, if you want to remove all folders, you can do that temporarily by clicking the Folder icon or permanently by taking all of your keywords out of the folders.

Scenario 3: Temporarily Hiding All Folders


As of March 2020, we're looking into showing the "General" folder by default so in the future you can move them without having to add a new one.
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