Strong keyword research is the foundation that SEO is built upon.
But for someone that has limited time, funds and knowledge - keyword research can present a problem. It can be a time sink, but also poses a risk of wasting money if the wrong keywords are chosen for optimization.
This is where a Keyword suggestion tool comes in.
Keyword suggestions give you a chance to discover keywords that you otherwise would not think of yourself or find by rummaging through competitor websites.

⚡️ But Morningscore went a step further and added an Automatic Keyword Suggestion feature that generates keyword ideas based on your existing content.
Now you can get a whole list of relevant keywords with just one click.

Here is a short explainer article to help you use this feature to its full potential.

1. Using The Feature

1.1. Scroll down to the Keyword research in the “Keyword Tools” tab

1.2. Choose a country

1.3. Click on “Get suggestions”

1.4. Use your 1000 new keywords (more below)

⚙️ Important Keyword Metrics:

The average number of searches for that particular keyword in a month. The higher the number the better.

“Cost Per Click” shows how much the keyword costs when used in Ads. The number usually correlates with the amount of competition over the keyword.

Search location for your keyword

Max Morningscore
The maximum possible Morningscore that you could earn if you ranked number 1 with this keyword

Combines all the shown metrics to give an estimate of how hard or easy it would be to get one of the top ranking positions for this word

2. Add The Keyword Directly To Your Tracked Keywords

Right-click on the keyword you would like to add to your “Keyword Rank Tracker”

Click the “Add to rank tracker” option from the menu

3. Use The Filters
By using the filters you can reduce your list of 1000 keywords to a more manageable number.

Use the slider in the “Searches/mo” filter to set the minimum and maximum monthly searches you are interested in

Use the slider in the “CPC” filter to exclude keywords with a high cost per click price (a sign of high competition)
Use the slider in the “Difficulty” filter to show only the keywords that are the easiest to optimize for

Use the “Include” filter option to only show keywords that contain a specific word
Use the “Exclude” filter to remove all keywords that contain specific words

4. Export The Data

In the bottom, right corner of the “Keyword Research” tool, click on “Export to CSV”
Choose your prefer file type

There you have it.

An automatic Keyword Suggestion feature that makes keyword research quick and easy enough to be used on a regular basis.

This way, you will always have the most recent data and be able to follow any changes in keyword trends. 🚀
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