It is possible to add several users to your Morningscore account. This is great if you are not the only one working with SEO in your company or you have to add a partner (maybe your agency). The subscription you have chosen decides how many users you can add. You can only add other users if you have a Business- or Pro plan. It is possible to buy access for extra users even if you have a Starter- or Lite plan. Write to us in the chat or send an e-mail to upgrade your plan to access more users.

You can give different "roles" to different users based on what they need to access. You can choose owner, editor, or guest. What is the difference between the 3 roles?

Owner: The role "owner" is full access to your whole account (this includes making subscription changes and user management, so be careful with this one). The only thing they can't do is delete you from the account.

Editor: The role "editor" gives full access to the account except making subscription changes and user management. You can choose to limit the user in terms of the number of websites and keyword the user can add.

Guest: The role "guest" can't make any changes to the account (read-only access). You can limit this user to certain websites (for example if you run an agency and want to give access to a client. Then you can give them "read-only" access for their website - this way they can't see the other clients you have added in Morningscore.

This is how you add another user to your account:

Login to your Morningscore account
Click on the little spaceman in the top right corner
Click "settings"
Click "users"
Add your partner's e-mail, choose their role, invite them

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